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Church Youth Activities Ideas LDS: Fun & Faithful Engagements

Welcome to our guide on Church Youth Activities Ideas for LDS youth! In this article, we will explore a variety of creative and engaging activities specifically tailored for LDS youth. These activities are designed to foster unity, nurture faith, and build lasting relationships within the Church community.

When planning youth activities, it’s important to create a balance between fun and meaningful experiences. By incorporating activities that are both enjoyable and spiritually enriching, we can provide opportunities for spiritual growth and personal development.

From interactive games to team-building exercises, service projects to creative expressions, these activities will engage LDS youth in a way that connects them to their faith and strengthens their relationships with one another.

Key Takeaways

  • Church youth activities play a crucial role in fostering unity and nurturing faith in LDS youth .
  • Plan activities that are both fun and meaningful to provide opportunities for spiritual growth.
  • Encourage active participation and create a sense of belonging among the LDS youth.
  • Incorporate team-building activities to promote collaboration and camaraderie.
  • Include service projects to instill compassion and empathy in LDS youth.

Encouraging Fun and Participation

Creating a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere is essential when planning church youth activities. By providing engaging and interactive experiences, you can encourage active participation from all LDS youth involved. These fun and meaningful activities not only foster unity but also help youth develop a sense of belonging within the church community.

When it comes to engaging church youth activities, incorporating interactive games and challenges is key. These activities not only bring excitement and energy but also provide opportunities for youth to connect and build relationships. From team-based missions to individual challenges, there are numerous options to encourage participation and create a joyous environment.

Church Youth Group Games

One way to encourage fun and participation is through church youth group games. These games not only foster teamwork and collaboration but also provide opportunities for LDS youth to showcase their skills and talents. Some popular games include:

  • M&M Roulette: A game where participants answer questions based on the color of M&M candies they choose.
  • Dice and Dare: A game where participants roll a dice and complete a challenge depending on the number rolled.
  • This or That: A game where participants choose between two options, revealing interesting facts about themselves.

These games not only break the ice but also create a positive and engaging atmosphere for LDS youth activities. By incorporating these fun and interactive elements, you can ensure that all youth feel included and valued within the church community.


Team-Building and Group Activities

Fostering camaraderie and teamwork among LDS youth is an essential part of their spiritual growth and development. Incorporating team-building and group activities into your church youth program provides opportunities for youth to bond, collaborate, and build strong relationships with their peers. These activities not only promote a sense of unity but also teach valuable skills such as communication, problem-solving, and cooperation.

Engaging and Interactive LDS Youth Group Ideas

To create an engaging atmosphere for your LDS youth group, consider incorporating these team-building activities:

  • Treasure Hunt: Divide the youth into teams and provide them with clues to find hidden treasures. This activity encourages teamwork, problem-solving, and strategic thinking.
  • Escape Room Challenge: Set up an escape room scenario where the youth have to work together to solve puzzles and challenges to “escape” within a certain time limit. This activity promotes critical thinking, communication, and teamwork.
  • Group Service Projects: Engage your LDS youth in meaningful service projects that require them to work together to make a positive impact on their community. This fosters teamwork, empathy, and a sense of purpose.

By incorporating these team-building and group activities into your church youth program, you can create a supportive and empowering environment where LDS youth can grow spiritually while developing lifelong friendships. These activities provide valuable opportunities for youth to learn and practice essential life skills while deepening their sense of belonging within the LDS community.

LDS youth group activities

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Serving Others as a Youth Group

One of the key principles taught in the LDS faith is the importance of serving others. Incorporating service projects into your church youth activities not only allows the youth to make a positive impact in their community but also helps instill a sense of compassion and selflessness. By engaging in selfless acts of service, LDS youth can deepen their understanding of the gospel and develop a stronger connection to their faith.

Community service projects are an excellent way to involve the youth in meaningful activities that have a lasting impact. Consider organizing events such as food drives, clothing donations, or volunteer work at local shelters or charities. These projects not only provide practical assistance to those in need but also cultivate a sense of empathy and gratitude within the youth.

Another approach to incorporating service into your church youth activities is by utilizing the power of social media. Encourage the youth to create service-oriented TikTok videos or Instagram challenges that promote acts of kindness. This not only allows them to reach a wider audience but also creates an opportunity for them to share their faith through their actions and inspire others to do the same.

Community Service Ideas Impact
Organize a neighborhood clean-up day Improves the local environment and builds a sense of community
Volunteer at a local nursing home Brings joy to the elderly and fosters intergenerational connections
Participate in a charity run or walk Raises funds for a worthy cause and promotes physical fitness
Create care packages for the homeless Provides essential items and shows compassion to those experiencing homelessness

“When we are engaged in the service of our fellowmen, not only do our deeds assist them, but we put our own problems in a fresher perspective. When we concern ourselves more with others, there is less time to be concerned with ourselves.” – President Spencer W. Kimball

Get-To-Know-You Activities

Building meaningful relationships is a crucial element of fostering a strong and connected youth group within the LDS community. Get-to-know-you activities are a fun and effective way to break down barriers, encourage interaction, and create a welcoming environment for LDS youth. By incorporating these activities into your church youth program, you can help youth build lasting friendships and strengthen their sense of belonging.

One popular get-to-know-you game is “Who Am I?”. In this game, each participant writes down the name of a famous person or a well-known character on a sticky note without revealing it to others. The sticky notes are then placed on the participants’ foreheads, and through asking yes or no questions, they have to guess who they are. This game not only sparks conversation but also encourages active listening and teamwork.

Another engaging activity is “All Hands on Deck”. This game requires participants to sit in a circle and put their hands in the center. Each person takes turns sharing something unique about themselves while keeping one hand on top of the pile. As the game progresses, the tower of hands grows taller, symbolizing the unity and diversity within the group. This activity promotes inclusivity and encourages open and honest communication.

In addition, “Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion” is an energetic icebreaker that can lighten the mood and bring laughter to the group. Participants pair up and play a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The winner finds another winner to challenge, while the loser becomes the supporter of the winner. This process continues until there is one final champion. This game not only helps youth get to know each other but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition.

Table: Get-To-Know-You Activities

Activity Description
Who Am I? A game where participants guess the name of a famous person or character placed on their forehead.
All Hands on Deck A game where participants share unique facts about themselves while keeping one hand on a growing tower of hands.
Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion An energetic game where participants compete to become the ultimate Rock, Paper, Scissors champion.

Get-to-know-you activities play a vital role in breaking the ice, building relationships, and creating a sense of unity within LDS youth groups. These activities provide opportunities for youth to learn about each other’s interests, strengths, and backgrounds, enabling them to form authentic connections and support one another on their spiritual journeys.

Physical Activities for Energy Release

Engaging in physical activities is an excellent way to release energy and promote a healthy lifestyle among LDS youth. These activities not only keep them active and entertained but also foster teamwork and build strong bonds. Incorporating running games, physical games, and engaging activities into your church youth program will create a fun and energizing environment for the youth.

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, but it is also the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

– John F. Kennedy

Running games such as Life-Size Tic Tac Toe and Bank Robbery are ideal for promoting movement and excitement. In Life-Size Tic Tac Toe, create a giant board on the ground and have teams compete against each other to get three of their members in a row. Bank Robbery involves one team trying to steal an object from another team’s “bank” without getting caught. These games combine physical activity with strategic thinking, ensuring an engaging and thrilling experience.

Engaging physical activities such as The Worm Olympics can help foster teamwork and friendly competition. Divide the youth into teams and have them participate in a series of challenges that test their strength, flexibility, and coordination. From relay races to obstacle courses, The Worm Olympics provide opportunities for the youth to work together, support each other, and celebrate accomplishments.

Running Games Physical Games Engaging Activities
Life-Size Tic Tac Toe Bank Robbery The Worm Olympics
Promotes movement and strategic thinking Fosters excitement and friendly competition Develops teamwork and celebrates accomplishments

physical games for LDS youth

By incorporating physical activities into your church youth program, you can create a dynamic and engaging environment that not only releases energy but also promotes teamwork and a healthy lifestyle. These activities provide opportunities for LDS youth to develop physical skills, build relationships, and have fun while connecting with their faith and community.

Creative Activities for Expression and Creativity

Encouraging creativity and self-expression is a vital aspect of nurturing the holistic development of LDS youth. By incorporating creative activities into your church youth program, you can provide opportunities for youth to explore their talents, express themselves, and deepen their understanding of their faith. These activities engage the mind, body, and spirit, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in their creations.

Art and crafts projects are an excellent way to foster creativity in church youth. Whether it’s painting, drawing, or sculpting, these activities allow youth to tap into their imagination and create something unique. Consider organizing a painting party where youth can express their feelings and thoughts through colors and brushstrokes. Provide a wide range of art supplies, such as canvases, paintbrushes, and acrylic paints, to encourage experimentation and self-expression.

Another creative activity idea is to organize a poetry or songwriting workshop. Provide writing prompts and encourage youth to explore their emotions and experiences through words. This activity not only allows them to express themselves but also helps them develop their language and communication skills. Consider inviting a guest speaker, such as a local poet or musician, to inspire and guide the youth in their creative process.

Lastly, incorporating drama and theater activities into your church youth program can provide a platform for youth to showcase their creativity and talents. Organize a skit or play where youth can write scripts, create costumes, and perform in front of an audience. This activity allows them to explore different characters, develop their public speaking skills, and work collaboratively as a team.

arts and crafts for LDS youth

Table: Creative Activities for Expression and Creativity

Activity Description
Painting Party An art-focused activity where youth can express themselves through painting on canvases.
Poetry/Songwriting Workshop A workshop where youth can explore their emotions and experiences through writing poems or songs.
Drama and Theater Performance An activity where youth can write scripts, create costumes, and perform in skits or plays.

Spiritual Activities for Growth and Reflection

Nurturing the spiritual growth of LDS youth is a fundamental aspect of church youth activities. By providing opportunities for reflection and engaging in meaningful Bible study, we can help young members of the faith deepen their understanding and connection to their beliefs. Here are some inspiring spiritual activities designed to foster growth and reflection in LDS youth:

The One-Verse Bible Study

In this activity, youth are encouraged to select a verse from the Bible that resonates with them or sparks their curiosity. They can then explore the meaning of the verse in depth, considering its context and teachings. This exercise promotes personal reflection and encourages youth to delve into the scriptures, igniting a passion for further study and facilitating a deeper understanding of their faith.

Quick Prayer Meeting

A quick prayer meeting is a powerful way to promote spiritual growth and unity among LDS youth. During these meetings, youth can gather in small groups to share their thoughts, concerns, and joys through prayer. Encouraging openness and vulnerability in these moments of reflection enables youth to connect with one another on a deeper level and develop a stronger relationship with God.

“Last Week’s Sermon” Discussion

Engaging in thoughtful discussions about sermons and teachings from church leaders can significantly contribute to the spiritual growth of LDS youth. Allocate time during youth activities for youth to share their thoughts, impressions, and questions regarding the previous week’s sermon. This discussion allows them to process the message, gain new insights, and develop a personal connection with the teachings.

Through these spiritual activities, we can create a nurturing environment that encourages LDS youth to grow in their faith, develop a deeper understanding of scripture, and strengthen their relationship with God and others. By prioritizing reflection and promoting the exploration of scripture, we provide youth with the tools they need to cultivate a meaningful spiritual life.

Passive Activities for Thought and Discernment

Amidst the fast-paced and media-driven world we live in, it is important for LDS youth to engage in activities that promote critical thinking, reflection, and deep discernment. Passive activities provide an opportunity for youth to contemplate and evaluate the media they consume, helping them develop a strong foundation of faith and personal values. These activities foster introspection, encourage thoughtful discussions, and empower youth to navigate the world with wisdom.

reflection activities for LDS youth

One effective passive activity for LDS youth is a media-based discussion session. This can involve watching a thought-provoking movie, documentary, or video clip that resonates with the youth’s values and beliefs. Afterward, youth can engage in meaningful discussions where they analyze the themes, messages, and moral implications portrayed in the media. By encouraging critical thinking and open dialogue, these discussions allow youth to explore different perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of their faith.

Another passive activity that fosters thought and discernment is engaging in discussions about the latest news. This can be done by selecting relevant articles, videos, or podcast episodes that tackle current events from a faith-based perspective. Youth can then come together to share their thoughts, ask questions, and explore how their faith informs their understanding of worldly issues. These discussions help youth develop a well-rounded worldview and equip them to navigate the complexities of the world with a strong moral compass.

Quotes can also be a powerful tool for passive activities. By selecting inspiring quotes from religious leaders, scripture, or thought leaders, youth can reflect on the wisdom and guidance offered. These quotes can be shared during youth meetings or incorporated into study materials, prompting self-reflection and sparking meaningful conversations among the youth. By incorporating quotes into passive activities, youth can deepen their understanding of their faith and find inspiration for their personal journeys.

Table: Media-Based Discussion Activity

Activity Name Description
Movie Night A movie is selected that explores relevant themes or moral dilemmas. After watching the movie, youth engage in a discussion about the messages portrayed and relate them to their faith.
YouTube Clip Discussion A stimulating video clip from YouTube is shared with the youth, addressing topics that align with their faith. Youth then discuss their thoughts, feelings, and personal insights inspired by the video.
Latest News Discussion Current news articles or videos that touch on moral and ethical issues are selected. Youth come together to discuss the news stories and analyze them through the lens of their faith.

Engaging LDS youth in passive activities for thought and discernment cultivates a sense of mindfulness, critical thinking, and sound decision-making skills. By creating a space for reflection and dialogue, youth can strengthen their faith, develop a deeper understanding of their values, and actively apply them to their everyday lives.

Optimize Learning Through Quick Games

Engaging youth games can be a powerful tool in optimizing learning and creating an active and enjoyable classroom environment. By incorporating interactive classroom games into your lessons, you can foster student engagement, promote active learning strategies, and enhance overall comprehension and retention. Learning through play is not only effective but also fun, allowing students to explore concepts in a hands-on and immersive way.

Quick games provide a break from traditional teaching methods and help release energy, increase focus, and stimulate critical thinking. Whether it’s a lively game of Balloon Grab, a strategic round of Broken Dishes, or a math-based Jelly Bean Roll, these activities can turn even the most mundane subjects into exciting learning adventures. Through friendly competition, collaboration, and problem-solving, students are actively involved in their own learning process, leading to a deeper understanding of the material.

Active learning strategies, such as quick games, not only make lessons more enjoyable but also improve information retention. According to research, students who engage in active learning techniques have better recall and understanding of the material compared to passive learners. These games provide opportunities for students to apply what they have learned, reinforcing concepts and skills in a memorable way. By incorporating engaging youth games into your teaching repertoire, you can create an educational experience that is both effective and enjoyable.

Table: Examples of Quick Games for Optimal Learning

Game Subject Objective
Balloon Grab Any subject Improve focus and coordination
Broken Dishes Mathematics Enhance problem-solving skills
Jelly Bean Roll Science Stimulate critical thinking

By incorporating quick games into your teaching strategies, you can create a dynamic and engaging classroom environment that promotes active learning. These games not only optimize student participation but also enhance comprehension, retention, and overall academic success. Whether it’s in math, science, language arts, or any other subject, interactive classroom games are a valuable tool for educators aiming to make learning enjoyable and effective.

Engaging Youth Games for Team Building

Team-building games play a significant role in fostering collaboration, communication, and unity among LDS youth. These interactive activities not only provide an opportunity for fun and excitement but also create a platform for youth to work together towards a common goal. By engaging in team-building games, LDS youth can develop valuable skills such as leadership, problem-solving, and effective communication.

Collaborative Games for LDS Youth

Collaborative games are a fantastic way to encourage teamwork and build strong bonds within the group. These games require youth to actively cooperate and rely on each other’s strengths to achieve success. Games like “Minefield” and “Marshmallow Tower” challenge youth to communicate effectively, strategize, and trust one another. Through these experiences, youth develop a sense of unity, respect, and connection, strengthening the overall dynamic of the LDS youth group.

Game Description
Minefield A game where participants must navigate through a “minefield” (obstacles) blindfolded, relying on the guidance and instructions of their teammates.
Marshmallow Tower A game where teams compete to build the tallest tower using only marshmallows and spaghetti, requiring effective communication and collaboration.

These collaborative games not only provide a fun and engaging experience but also foster a sense of trust, cooperation, and camaraderie among LDS youth. As they work together towards a common goal, youth learn the importance of relying on and supporting one another, creating a positive and inclusive environment within the youth group.

Group Engagement Activities

Group engagement activities are designed to promote active participation and involvement from all members of the LDS youth group. These activities encourage youth to interact with one another, voice their opinions, and contribute to the overall success of the group. Games like “Human Knot” and “Truth or Dare Circle” provide opportunities for youth to connect, communicate, and engage with each other in a fun and inclusive way.

Game Description
Human Knot Participants stand in a circle, reach across and hold hands with two different people across from them. The group must then untangle themselves without letting go of their hands.
Truth or Dare Circle A game where participants sit in a circle and take turns choosing between truth or dare. This game encourages honesty, vulnerability, and builds trust among the group.

Through group engagement activities, LDS youth have the opportunity to express themselves, actively contribute to discussions, and develop meaningful connections with their peers. These activities create a safe and supportive space where youth can explore their thoughts, beliefs, and ideas, fostering personal growth and a sense of belonging within the LDS youth group.


In conclusion, LDS church youth activities play a vital role in the development and growth of LDS youth. By implementing successful youth engagement strategies, we can nurture their faith and create an environment where they can thrive.

Through a variety of engaging and meaningful activities, we can provide opportunities for spiritual growth, teamwork, self-expression, and reflection. These activities serve as building blocks for unity, fostering lasting relationships among LDS youth.

It is important to tailor the activities to the specific needs and interests of the youth, ensuring that each activity contributes to their overall development. By incorporating a holistic approach to youth programs, we can empower LDS youth to strengthen their connection to their faith and community.

As youth leaders, it is our responsibility to create a positive and impactful experience for LDS youth. By providing them with a safe and nurturing space, we can inspire them to discover their potential, build their character, and live a life rooted in faith. Let us continue to explore innovative and creative LDS church youth activities ideas to make a meaningful difference in the lives of LDS youth.


What are some fun and meaningful activities for LDS youth?

Church youth activities that are both enjoyable and meaningful include get-to-know-you games, team-building activities, service projects, and creative projects tailored for LDS youth. These activities foster unity, nurture faith, and build lasting relationships.

How can we encourage active participation in church youth activities?

Creating a fun and engaging atmosphere is key to encouraging active participation from LDS youth. Incorporate interactive games and activities, provide opportunities for teamwork and collaboration, and tailor the activities to the specific needs and interests of the youth.

What are some team-building activities suitable for LDS youth?

Team-building activities such as Life-Size Tic Tac Toe, Bank Robbery, and The Worm Olympics help promote teamwork and camaraderie among LDS youth. These activities encourage collaboration, communication, and unity within the youth group.

Why is it important to incorporate service projects into church youth activities?

Serving others is an integral part of LDS teachings, and incorporating service projects into church youth activities helps instill a sense of compassion and empathy in LDS youth. Activities such as helping the elderly, volunteering at local charities, or creating service-oriented TikTok videos provide opportunities for selfless acts of service.

How can we build relationships within the LDS youth group?

Get-to-know-you games like Who Am I?, All Hands on Deck, and Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion help break the ice and create a friendly and welcoming environment for LDS youth. These games foster meaningful connections and help youth build relationships within the group.

What are some physical activities suitable for keeping LDS youth active and entertained?

Physical activities like Life-Size Tic Tac Toe, Bank Robbery, and The Worm Olympics are engaging games that keep LDS youth active while promoting healthy habits and teamwork. These activities help channel and release the energy of youth in a fun and healthy way.

How can we incorporate creativity into church youth activities?

Incorporating creative activities such as Yarn-Wrapped Cardboard Letters and Woolen Heart allows LDS youth to explore their talents and express themselves. These hands-on projects promote self-expression and engage youth in visually appealing activities.

What are some activities that promote spiritual growth among LDS youth?

Activities like One-Verse Bible Study, Quick Prayer Meeting, and “Last Week’s Sermon” Discussion help deepen the understanding and connection to faith among LDS youth. These activities reinforce the messages from Bible study sessions and promote reflection and discussion.

How can we engage LDS youth in meaningful discussions about media and the world around them?

Passive activities such as Movie Night, YouTube Clip Discussion, and Latest News Discussion provide opportunities for meaningful discussions and examining media through a faith-based lens. These activities encourage critical thinking and reflection on the messages encountered by LDS youth.

How can quick games optimize learning in church youth activities?

Quick games like Balloon Grab, Broken Dishes, and Jelly Bean Roll provide a break from traditional teaching methods and actively engage LDS youth in the learning process. These games help release energy, foster focus, and create an enjoyable learning environment.

What are some engaging team-building games for LDS youth?

Costume Relay, Human Knot, and Trivia Night are examples of fun and engaging team-building games for LDS youth. These games promote collaboration, communication, and unity while creating a lively and interactive atmosphere for the youth group.

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